Think outside the box change the way you travel
Think outside the box change the way you travel
Welcome to LiMaGo, your spontaneous travel tour guide, let us know your travelling need. We will do all the planning for you and simply enjoy your trip!
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Create Your Own Journey
We believe that every trip is a unique adventure. As your personal travel adviser, we will get to know your traveling needs and provide advice to help you build your journey, step by step. Are you ready for the journey ahead?

More Than You Expect
Simply message us online via Facebook Messenger or Line to enjoy One-Stop Premium Service that covers all aspects of your trip. We help accomplish your ticket-booking, accommodations, dining reservations, car rentals, itineraries, lifestyle requests, and more!

Real-time Online Service
Our AI-powered virtual travel agent provides you with instantaneous travel assistance services. Our assistance is generated by a group of travel experts and professional tour guides. We provide 24-hour customer support for any questions about traveling. Our team is always there so you can travel without any worries!
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